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Health Disparities and Unmet Needs of School Children

Shifting Demographics of California's Kids [PDF]

Fernando Mendoza

Unmet Health Needs and Disparities in California's School Children [PDF]

Lisa Chamberlain

Health Coverage for California’s Children [PDF]

Don Barr

School Health Services for Children with Special Needs

Care of Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs at School [PDF]

Dian Baker

Creating Asthma Friendly Schools to Achieve Equity [PDF]

Lisa Cicutto

Mental Health Services in Schools [PDF]

Shashank Joshi

Highlights from the SJUSD Nurse Demonstration Project [PDF]

Melinda Landau

Strategies for Providing School Health Services

Comparison of Models for School-based Health Care in the United States of America, Canada and Australia [PDF]

Denise Seigart

Cost-benefit Study of School Nursing Services [PDF]

Li Yan Wang

Current Policy Issues Impacting Financing and Reimbursement of School Health Services [PDF]

Lisa Eisenberg

Overcoming Challenges to Improve Health Services in California's Public Schools [PDF]

Nadejda Marques

Implementing Successful University and School Health Collaborations

Stanford Youth Diabetes Coaches Program - Improving the Health of the Community Through Collaborations between High Schools and Health Care [PDF]

Nancy Morioka- Douglas

Students’ Sense of Safety at School [PDF]

Manuelito Biag

Partnerships to Encourage Environmental Conservation and Healthy Behavior in Bay Area Schools [PDF]

Eunice Rodriguez

Models of School Healthcare Delivery

Factors Associated With Whether or Not a School-based Health Center Provides School-based Mental Health Services - A Descriptive Review of National and California Trends [PDF]

Satu Larson

Coordinated School Health and the Contribution of a District Wellness Coordinator [PDF]

Lisa Westrich, Monika Sanchez, and Karen Strobel

An Evaluation of School Health Centers in Alameda County [PDF]

Shelly Kaller, Sara Geierstanger, Sandy Ng, Samira Soleimanpour and Claire Brindis

Moving Forward: The Need for Big Data

Step Up and Be Counted: The Power of Big Data [PDF]

Erin Maughan

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